Altered Landscape

Altered Landscape Selected Images

Altered Landscape is a series of work by Tracey Thorne which traces the footsteps of her father who was a Cornish miner to explore the impact of decades of mining on the land in Cornwall. The work explores the 'familiar' through a set of found photographs that were discovered in 2011 when her father died. It provides opportunity to seek new meaning bridging the gap between memory and reality.

Using these found photographs and some old mining documents this led to an exploration and revisiting of mining sites in two of Cornwall’s mining districts around; Gwennap and the Camborne and Redruth area.

In response to this the artist made a new body of work which explores mining through the context of her own life and interest in environmental issues. The work seeks to look at the way mining has changed the topography of the land, issues relating to water pollution and land use.

It invites people to think about mining from the context of our evolving concerns about the environment. Challenging us to go beyond the popular narrative and love affair with mining in Cornwall.

We can learn so much from the past and by observing the land.


Altered Landscape exhibition (August 2021) was showed at Heartlands (former mining site) , Pool, Cornwall and was made up of a set of Giclée photographic prints and cyanotypes made by the artist. The work includes some digital photo sounds stills and cyanotype street art works (installation outside). This project received a grant from Arts Council England. 

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