She is the wander, rambler, strolling player. Sometimes she would like to be a settler, but, curiosity...and disaffection forbid it.

Swallowing Geography, Deborah Levey


My work focuses on documenting and sharing stories from the streets mainly through the visual culture of the walls, abandoned places and found objects. I have a special interest in the ephemeral landscape found in urban spaces which I trace through photographing graffiti, sign-painting and street art.


I fuse together photography and walking to discover alternative ways to navigate and think about places, exploring themes connected to ‘freedom, memory and space’. I use documentary photography within this context to connect with the streets and to record the stories that are written on the walls.


As a visual artist, I am interested in using alternative photographic processes and other printing methods to share my photographic work such as cyanotypes, screen-printing, and self-published zines. I am also using these processes to develop work as visual activism to protest and campaign on issues that I am passionate about these mainly include; environment, urban spaces and gender inequality (women's rights) - read more The Art of Protest.

I have a Masters in Public Health and extensive experience of working with communities for over twenty five years in Birmingham. This work was mainly on projects that tackle a range of health inequalities, neighborhood regeneration and social issues including drug misuse, homelessness and sexual violence. 

My earlier degree was in English and history the later is often a feature of my work especially how it relates to urban spaces, learning about each other and the power of memory to enable us to feel connected to places - see The Fading City

I grew up in Cornwall the daughter of a Cornish tin miner and remain connected to this important part of my heritage - see Gone Mining. I moved to Birmingham in the late 1980s where I worked, studied and brought up my daughter as a single parent. These days I split my time living in Birmingham and Jamaica where I am working on a long term documentary photography project - Hand Painted Jamaica

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